Some users have reported missing presets and kits in some expansions. Follow these steps to establish a content location for those missing pieces if you are experiencing this.

1) Open BFD and click “tools”

Screen shot 1.png

2) Choose “set up content locations.” Then you will see a screen that looks like this:


Screenshot 2.png


3) Choose “Search Folder…” and navigate to c:\Program files(x86)\BFD Drums\BFD 2 (seen in blue) and highlight system seen in green, and choose select folder seen in red.

Screenshot 3 redo.png

 And on Mac: /Library/Application Support/BFD Drums/BFD2/System/ and click Select Folder.

(Note: Mac users may need to press CMD+SHIFT+period in order to show all system folders)

New mac filepath .png

Then you will be brought back to this screen:

Screenshot 4.png

Where you will select Add BFD2 Content Paths (note:  if you receive a message that says 'no BFD2 paths found' please disregard they were loaded when you clicked 'select folder' in the previous step)


This will bring up any missing kits and presets that may use the BFD2 format.