There is a new update in your License Manager! If you are having trouble installing this update, please make sure you are following the steps outlined below. Most importantly being sure to close License Manager (and any other programs running in the background) while you run the installer.

This update is for BFD It also includes an update to the License Manager (there is no separate download, this update will also install License Manager


After clicking Download (outlined in red), your new upgrade installer will begin downloading and when it is done you will see this under your Downloads Tab;  


Click the play button (outlined in red) to begin the installation. 

IMPORTANT: It is important that, after clicking the "play" button that you close the old License Manager (
if not the new License Manager ( installation will silently fail and because the new build of BFD ( requires it the new build of BFD will not work


After you have closed the License Manager you are free to continue the installation process the way you normally would.