BFD3 has been disabled because an unknown error occurred.png



 Why am I receiving this error?

The "BFD has been disabled..." error indicates something has gone wrong, but for some reason, BFD was unable to determine exactly what it was. BFD may have experienced an unknown problem or something very specific, such as the version of the error seen below:

machine isn't authorized.png

This is a bit more straightforward, but another message may read "BFD has been disabled because you are not logged into your License Manager."

Either way, it is usually connected to product authorization and could be related to the 90-day license refresh. The License Manager uses a 90-day license period, after which, as long as the License Manager has access to the internet, the license is automatically refreshed for another 90 days.

If you are not online when that License Period expires, it may not be able to reauthorize the program in the background, resulting in this message. 


How can I fix this?

First, close BFD 3. The program cannot be open for these steps. 

Make sure your computer is online. (While you are not required to be online at all times while using this software it is important we are online for the following steps.) Open the BFD License Manager. Be sure you are not opening the old FXpansion License Manager. The icon is now a key as seen below:

open BFLM.png


Check that all Products are Authorized

Be sure that all of your products are authorized, if any are not, authorize them. 

In the example below, we see that Wooden Snares (outlined in red) is not authorized. Click on it to highlight it, then choose the Authorize button in the top right corner (outlined in green)

check reauthorize recut.png


 Log out and log back in

Next, try simply logging out and logging back into the BFD License Manager. 


log out.png

Next, confirm the following message;


Next, click Login via browser.

login via browser.png 

The inMusic profile login page will show up on an internet browser page. Enter your inMusic account credentials. and click Login.

When you have successfully done this a white webpage will appear with the words "Login operation finished. You can now safely close this browser tab." You are now free to close your browser.

Return to the BFD License Manager. Make sure it is logged in. Great! The License Manager has been refreshed! You can think of this as refreshing a webpage that is not loading.


Make sure you are updated to the most recent version

If you are still having issues, it may be best to ensure that the program is updated to the most recent version, it can sometimes help to update again, even if it is already up to date.

Highlight BFD 3 in the BFD License Manager. Click Download next to BFD Software installer (seen outlined in red below).


download bfd3 update 2.png

Notice that BFD is up to date. It is ok to update again, sometimes this is necessary. Note: no need to uninstall or deauthorize first in this case we are simply running the update again.

Click on the downloads tab at the top of the screen to show the download progress. When BFD3 Update is finished downloading, a play button will replace the pause button above the download status. 

Click on the play button (outlined in Red below) to initiate the installer. 

Click play.png

Note: After clicking the play button to initiate the installer. All instances of BFD and BFD License Manager must be closed in order to complete the installation. 

Great, now follow the installation prompts. Be sure you are installing BFD on your local system drive. Not within a partition, and not on an external drive. The BFD audio and groove content can be installed anywhere, however, the software must remain on the local system drive it is recommended to use the default location. 

After completing each one of these tasks, open BFD 3. You should be all set!!