This error message indicates you are still running an old build of BFD and/or License Manager, and it is trying to access information from the old FXpansion servers which are no longer available. We are currently running BFD v 3.4.4 and License Manager v 3.0.6. If you haven't, please go to your account at and download the new License Manager from the downloads offers and more section, found below the entry for BFD3 in your registered Products. I will also put a link here: BFD License Manager

An easy way to identify if you are opening a current version of BFD/ BFD License Manager is the desktop icon. We have changed the icons since 3.4 so please look for and remember to open these programs using the current icons:



If you have not yet completed the migration from the FXpansion servers to the new InMusic servers then please be sure to do so first with the help of this Migration Guide.

If you have already migrated, and are running the latest version of BFD, please try the steps in this guide.  

If you continue to have trouble. Please reach out to us at