BFD Drums has simplified and streamlined our license delivery method when purchasing directly from us. Licenses are deposited directly into the account of the email used to purchase the license! This allows users to spend less time searching out and entering long codes, and more time creating! 

Note: If you purchased your BFD product from a third-party retailer, please see this helpful guide:  BFD | How to Retrieve a BFD License from a Third-Party Site

How to Retrieve a License When Purchasing From

When purchasing from you will be asked to enter an email during the checkout process. This email is important as it will be the account to which the License is delivered (if no account exists under that email address, a new account will automatically bcreated for you, and a password reset link/ account confirmation will be sent to the email used to purchase the product).

Note: Please be sure that the email used in the picture above is the same as that used below.

Once you have successfully purchased the product and got to the point below, congratulations! You are now the owner of BFD 3.  The license has been deposited into the account of the email that you used at check out. 

Now that the license is in your account, you are ready to download the product! This can be done from the preceding link here, or by visiting your account at It is always a good idea to write down the Order Reference (outlined in red above) in case of any issues with your purchase!

Once in your account, go to Registered Products > BFD 3, then click View Downloads. Clicking this will direct you to download the BFD License Manager. This is where BFD 3, its core library, and expansions are activated and downloaded from.

Note: If you do not see the product in your account, please reach out to us at with your order reference. 

Once you have the BFD License Manager, you are ready to download BFD 3!