It's important to note that utilizing BFD 3 expansions in BFD Player or vice versa is not possible due to their differing structures and functionalities. Users should be aware that these expansions are tailored specifically for their respective platforms and are not interchangeable.

Where to Find Expansions:

- BFD 3 Expansions: (May include drum kit pieces, full kits, presets, and/or groove templates or any combination of those elements). You can explore and purchase BFD3 expansions at [BFD3 Expansions]

- BFD Player Expansions: (Includes MIDI performances captured by live drummers for BFD 3's groove engine, no audio content included).  Similarly, BFD Player expansions are available for purchase at [BFD Player Expansions]

Should users have mistakenly purchased expansions for the wrong platform, we understand and offer assistance through our refund policy. For more information regarding our refund policy, please visit [Refund Policy]

We're committed to ensuring our users have the best experience with our products. Feel free to reach out to BFD support if further assistance is needed.