Uninstalling BFD3 software from your computer can be done through a couple of straightforward methods. This guide will walk you through each process to ensure a complete and clean removal of the software.


Instructions to Uninstall BFD3 Software

Using the License Manager

Step 1: Open the BFD License Manager

  • Launch the BFD License Manager from your applications folder or start menu.

Step 2: Navigate to Installed Products

  • In the License Manager, go to the “Installed Products” panel. This panel lists all the BFD products currently installed on your computer.

Step 3: Select the Software

  • Find BFD3 in the list of installed products.

Step 4: Uninstall the Software

  • Click on BFD3 to highlight it.
  • Look for the “Uninstall” option under actions and click it.
  • Confirm the uninstallation when prompted.

Using the License Manager to uninstall ensures that the product is deregistered from your account and all associated files are removed.

Additional Tips

  • Restart Your Computer: After uninstalling BFD3, it’s a good practice to restart your computer to ensure all changes take effect.
  • Check for Residual Files: Sometimes, small residual files or folders may remain. You can manually check your system folders (e.g., Program Files on Windows or Applications on Mac) to ensure everything is removed.

If you need further guidance on reinstalling your BFD software after an uninstallation, please refer to these articles

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If you encounter any issues or need further assistance, feel free to contact BFD support for help.