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As a gift for migrating to the InMusic servers, we have provided all BFD3 users with one (1) free expansion pack! In this guide, we go over how to find & use the coupon code, as well as how to authorize this expansion pack in the License Manager.



 How do I migrate my account?

While the migration process is mostly automated, there are still a few key steps that need to be carried out manually, on a user-by-user basis. Check out this short guide that covers the exact process, step by step! 


 Which Expansion Packs can I choose from?

You have the option of choosing between five of our favorite expansions:

  • BFD Crush - Stunning Crush Drums Sublime AXM drum kit
  • BFD Oblivion - Ready-to-use heavy rock and metal drum sounds
  • BFD Horsepower - Authentic, mix-ready Americana-style drum sounds
  • BFD Jazz Noir - An immensely detailed 1962 Camco drum kit played with sticks and brushes
  • BFD Metal Snares - A collection of premium metal-shell snares for BFD3

 Finding your Coupon Code

Upon migrating your BFD3 license from the FXpansion servers to the InMusic servers, you will find your free expansion code in your InMusic Profile. The following steps outline the process of locating this code:

1) Go to

2) Click Account at the top of the screen.

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3) If you aren't already logged in, input your information and click Sign In.

2 Sign In.jpg

4) Once logged in, navigate to yourMy Registered Products Page. Find BFD and selectSee Registration Details

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5) Once you are looking at BFD 3 details, click on View Downloads, then, Get a Free BFD Expansion. This will give us the full details of the offer. 

6) Click the Get Coupon Button - this will automatically generate a coupon code for your free expansion! Then clicking Redeem will bring you to the BFD Drums store to redeem your free expansion!

3 Coupon Button.png 


 Using your Coupon Code

Now that we've located our coupon code, how do we actually get our Free Expansion? The following steps outline this process:

1) Click on Redeem Now to be directed to the site for your free Expansion.

4 Redeem now.png

2) On this page, you will be presented with the options for your free Expansion. Click on the option you would like. You will see this image:

3) Upon clicking Proceed to Secure Checkout, you will be prompted to enter an email address, please make sure the email address used during the checkout process is the same as the email associated with your The license will be deposited directly to that account. On the next screen click, Enter Promotional Code, and paste the coupon code from your account, then click apply.  

6 No discounts.png

4) The price will now be listed as $0.00 - Enter your payment information. 

7 Yes Discount.png

5) Input the requested info, then click Place Your Order.

6) You will now be presented with your order confirmation! The license has been deposited into the account associated with the email that was used at checkout. Copy and save the Order Reference number in case you have any trouble! Clicking Download will download the BFD License Manager User Manual, which will show you how to obtain the expansion from the BFD License Manager. Or see this guide: BFD3 | How Do I Install My BFD 3 Content and Expansions?

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